Deck Tile Installation Video

May 23, 2014 3:44 pm
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Deck Tile Installation Over Concrete Slab

Are you tired of looking at your old boring concrete patio? Are you ready to transform your outdoor area? Deck tiles are the perfect DIY solution to revamp that concrete slab. The best part about this decking solution is it’s easy enough that you can complete it yourself in no time at all!

The ipe deck tiles from provide a quick and elegant solution to an otherwise bland porch or patio made of concrete.  The deck tiles are made out of the same durable material as our long-length hardwood decking, meaning you’ll get the same benefits.

Using the deck tile connector system, you can transform your cold concrete patio into a warm inviting atmosphere.

The deck tile connector system is so easy to use and requires no tools to secure. To place tiles along corners and wall, you must first score the connector. Using a utility knife, cut along the grooves of the connector then bend and snap the connector in half. Repeat this process to cut into quarters.

The deck tile installation with the connectors give your entire space even gap spacing for a clean elegant look.

Installing your deck tiles couldn’t be easier. Simply place the corner of your deck tile on the pine tree fasteners of the deck tile connectors, and then press down to secure the tile in place.

Continue the deck tile installation in the pattern style of your choosing.

The deck tile system can be transported if you move as well. How great is that? If you move from your current home, you can take your deck with you! That makes the deck tile system perfect for those who live in rental properties.

Installing ipe deck tiles is fast and easy. In less than a day you can have your very own outdoor oasis. It really is that easy!
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