The Compass Rose – Exotic Hardwood Decking Video

May 20, 2014 2:28 pm
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Exotic Hardwood Decking Gives this Outdoor Space a Unique Appearance

Rob Wiedeman is a contractor that loves to incorporate his client’s personality into their exotic hardwood deck. In this video, you’ll see this project in Casey Key, Fl that has a gorgeous Compass Rose built with 3 of our most popular exotic hardwood decking materials.

He says, “I always try and treat all the decks that I do with a signature of the homeowner’s personality.”

The client approached Rob at because she had enough with her old deck.

“The homeowner actually got a splinter in her foot at one point and decided it was time for something new. She got in contact with Advantage Trim and Lumber, and myself, and that’s when we decided to go with Cumaru Exotic Hardwood Decking.”

This Cumaru exotic hardwood decking has some benefits that other materials don’t have. It is built with the 1×6 +PLUS decking. This material gives you added benefits you don’t get from traditional 1×6 materials.

“We also chose the 1×6 +PLUS because of the advantages that we get between color, strength, density and all the different factors, there was really no other option.”

This exotic hardwood decking is an extra 2mm thicker, and is a more affordable option over 5/4x 6 materials.

Rob continues, “So the 1×6 +PLUS is a more stable dimension. We’re going to be able to resist the cupping, warping, twisting. These are things you’re going to get a bit more with the 1×6.”

After he finished the exotic hardwood deck, there were 4 hardwood decking species he incorporated into the overall design. Tigerwood, Garapa, Ipe, and Cumaru were all present in the completed project.

“This particular customer chose the Compass Rose because we got the opportunity to use several different types of wood.”

When the exotic hardwood decking installation was complete, Rob had nothing but positive things to say about working with

“The experience with has been phenomenal.”
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