FSC Certified Decking Video

May 22, 2014 3:06 pm
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FSC Certified Decking Helps the Rainforest

The Rainforest is a dynamic region, abundant with life. However, with so many natural resources, Rainforests are under increasing pressure to satisfy the needs of the people. If no value is placed on the Rainforest, there is no economic incentive to preserve it.

In Brazil, deforestation is an increasing environmental issue. Cattle ranches and agriculture, large and small scale, contribute over 80% of the depletion of the Rainforest. Ranchers and farmers slash and burn healthy forest to make room for grazing cattle and cultivating crops.

There is a place for sustainable and responsible forestry practices. With logging only contributing less than 3% of total deforestation to the amazon, new domestic and international markets for lumber products help preserve and ensure the forest maintains its value.

It makes zero economic sense for lumber companies to deplete and wipe out the forests. Think about it, if there are no forests, there are no lumber companies. This is why proper management is so crucial to the health of the forest. Many of the trees on management plans don’t produce seeds, and are hollowed out from the inside. These trees do not provide any benefits to the ecosystem and actually deplete resources from surrounding plants and foliage.

Plus, if the land is seen as a valuable asset, and the demand for trees is steady, landowners have an incentive to preserve the forest instead of using it for agriculture.

At AdvantageLumber.com the wood we sell comes from specially designated areas that are heavily regulated. In addition to our sustainable hardwood decking options, we also provide FSC certified material. Our FSC status ensures the decking you select comes from reliable sources.

And with our FSC certified material coming from our Advantage Lumber mills, you save yourself money while making a positive contribution to our environment.

Not only can you help preserve the Rainforest with your purchase of Advantage Decking, but you can rest assured the material you choose will last longer than any other decking option.

Visit our FSC Certified decking page at AdvantageLumber.com today to look at our selection of approved decking!