Classic Garapa Wood Deck Video

May 21, 2014 2:03 pm
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This Garapa Wood Deck is the Ideal Family Space

In San Clemente, California this family decided they needed a new deck so they could enjoy their stunning views off their back porch. In comes Jordan Sacher of Sacher Construction who builds them a garapa wood deck that not only looks fantastic, but is safe for their son to walk on.

“The story of this deck is that they homeowners have a fantastic view. There was an old deck that was falling apart and they wanted something they would utilize the space. They chose Advantage Garapa because it’s a really durable rock hard material, and it looks great.”

Having a garapa wood deck means that there are no worries about the integrity of the wood. It is a rock hard material that will last them over 30 years.

“They wanted a product that would hold up throughout their lifetime of their use here. It also doesn’t splinter, it holds up well, and it safe for their kid to play on.”

Usually when a contractor leaves a job, they don’t get to see firsthand how the family is enjoying the project that they just worked so hard on. Jordan was able to maintain a relationship with this family therefore he was able to see how his hard work paid off for them.

“It’s satisfying to see them using it and that it still looks good. When I leave a job I usually don’t see it again. I did this job about six months ago and I come back now and it still looks great. They’re using it and enjoying it. That’s what I want to see.”

This garapa wood deck was not just satisfying for Jordan Sacher, but it was satisfying for the family who now get to enjoy their stunning views on their new outdoor retreat on those beautiful California nights.
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