Gray Ipe Deck Tile Rooftop Deck

May 2, 2016 11:20 am
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Gray Ipe Deck Tile Rooftop Deck – Downtown Buffalo

Downtown Buffalo has been thriving for years. It’s become a reasonably affordable downtown district with trendy bars, shops and living spaces. The Apartments at the Hub purchased the old Witkop & Holmes Grocery Store located at 145 Swan Street. Schneider Design Architects purchased the building in 2012 to turn the building into luxury apartments and retail space. The renovation would be complete with a fully functioning gray ipe deck tile rooftop deck.

When you step out onto the gray ipe deck tile rooftop deck you are greeted with sweeping views of Downtown Buffalo. Coca-Cola Field is directly in front. To the left you’ll see First Niagara Center and beyond that you’ll see wonderful views of the Buffalo Skyway and Lake Erie. This ipe deck tile rooftop deck is a magnificent place to unwind from a long day at work, and gather with friends.

Even though the gray ipe deck tile rooftop deck is in direct sunlight, ipe doesn’t get hot. If you wanted to, you could walk across the entire rooftop deck without shoes on and not burn your feet. The tiles are also splinter and slip resistant, leaving you with a safe surface to enjoy. The material holds up wonderfully throughout the winters. They Apartments at the Hub will not have to worry about replacing the tiles for many years. Ipe has been rated to last over 75 years, making it a very durable hardwood material.

Advantage Ipe deck tiles, even when they have been left to gray, still provide you with a beautiful luxury feel. The high end material definitely compliments the overall character of the building. Classic materials always looks fantastic.

If you head downstairs, the old store front have been transformed into a bike shop and bar. You have almost everything you need in one area.