Hidden Siding Fasteners

June 15, 2016 9:41 am
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Hidden Siding Fasteners for Rainscreen Siding

Rainscreen siding is a great option for a hardwood accent on any home. It brings a modern sophisticated look to any project and with the use of Hidden Siding Fasteners it has no need for predrilling. This means that screw heads will not be visible and hardwood plugs will not be necessary. You’ll be left with a clean beautiful look that is much easier to install.

Crafted from solid stainless steel, DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners create a sleek and upscale look. The entire system is designed to significantly reduce cupping, twisting, and mold growth due to water penetration.

The installation process for hidden siding fasteners couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve made the proper preparations for siding, including house wrapping to prevent moisture and aligning furring strips to install the clips, you can begin clip installation.

  1. Install starter clips (included with the hidden siding fastener kit) on your baseboard. Align each starter clip with the furring strips installed in step 3.
  2. Install the first Advantage Rainscreen Siding board on top of the starter clips.
  3. Place hidden siding fasteners into the pre-molded groove
  4. Drive stainless steel screw through the siding fastener into the furring strip at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Set the proceeding siding boards on top of the installed siding fasteners.
  6. Repeat as needed.

The ability to drive screws into the furring strips rather than having to pre-drill into the hardwood you use makes for a much easier installation. Driving a screw into a softer wood like Pine or Cedar is easier and faster.

Hidden Siding Fasteners are available in a number of different pack sizes depending on how large your project is. From 50 clips, up to 1050 clips, we’ve got a variety of choices to help you with your project needs. (Note the pack of 50 clips does not include the Starter clips.)

For more information about Hidden Siding Fasteners, or to place an order, contact us today and get started on your siding project!

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