How To Install Rainscreen Siding

May 18, 2016 10:33 am
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Install Rainscreen Siding – Fastener Free Siding Surface

Advantage Rainscreen™ Siding is a low maintenance siding option for those who want the look of real natural wood on their home. Why Install Rainscreen Siding? It provides a beautiful modern look to any home that is unmatched by hardwood alternatives. This profile is specially milled in our warehouse across the country, ensuring a high level of quality and consistency that is available for worldwide shipping to any home or job site.

The process to install Rainscreen siding is one that requires no pre-drilling, and is ultra low maintenance. With the use of DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners, Rainscreen siding will provide you a smooth clean surface that installs directly to the furring strips for a very easy installation process that doesn’t require drilling into your hardwood siding. The DeckWise® Hidden siding Fastener System utilizes a starter clip to begin the process of installing your siding, and then with the Hidden Fasteners you simply drop a fastener into the groove on the board, secure it to the furring strip and then place the next board on top, repeating as needed until the area you desired is covered.

When installing siding it is important to ensure you use the correct process for installation. Install a house wrap first to prevent moisture intrusion. Next install a baseboard, ensuring that it is level. Next install furring strips, making certain they are installed vertically 16 inches apart on center. then install the starter clips to the baseboard. Once the clips are installed you can then slide in your first siding board. Next, place hidden siding fasteners into the pre-moulded groove and secure the fasteners by installing stainless steel screws at a 45 degree angle into the furring strips. Now you can install the next board and continue installing boards as necessary.

To get started on installing long lasting hardwood rainscreen siding to your home, give us a call today!