Luxurious Installation of Ipe Decking – Video

May 21, 2014 11:14 am
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Upscale Installation of Gorgeous Ipe Decking

James Woods has been on business for over 25 years in south Florida. This project in this video, located in Palm Beach Gardens is a high end new construction that used ipe decking to highlight the gorgeous outdoor area.

“We’re in PGA, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. It’s a high end area around a PGA National golf course. There are a lot of investors and people only stay here a few months out of the year.”

There are three separate ipe decks that allow the homeowner to have three designated areas. One for eating, one for lounging, and one for visiting with friends, or any other usage they desire.

The decking profile installed was the Pregrooved ipe decking with the hidden fastener system. This is great fastening method when you want a sleek and even looking surface. You’ll also never have to worry about nails popping up and causing a safety hazard.

“These decks are made with 5/4×6 ipe decking with hidden fasteners. The reason the designer picked this material is because the quality and durability and hot is last out here in this type of atmosphere and weather down here in the tropics.”

Now that the project is finished, it’s easy to see why James is so proud of it.

“It makes my job look better because it’s good quality lumber.”

He continues, “It’s rewarding when you’re done. You feel proud. I would use it again, and I’m going to refer it to some of my other clients.”

When you’ve been in business for over 25 years, and you’ve continued to work with a product as durable as ipe decking, you’ll understand why Woods Construction has this as their motto:

“The quality lasts long after the name is forgotten.”

Ipe decking has a lifespan of over 75 years. This is incredible when you think about it.
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