Ipe – Remarkable Pool Bridge & Walkway

June 17, 2016 4:55 pm
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Pool Bridge & Walkway made with Advantage Ipe

On this episode of your neck of the woods we take a look at a beautiful walkway and a unique pool bridge that was custom made using Advantage Ipe for a homeowner by Ross Davies, owner of Ross Davies Inc. Located in St. James City Florida, the pool area of this home is quite stunning.

The first thing that catches your eye here is the small island located in the middle of the pool. It’s an uncommon addition to the pool that truly sets it apart. To get to this island there is an Ipe bridge that leads from a stone staircase to the left of the pool over to the lip of the island. On this island you can relax on a beach chair to catch some sun, or dip your feet into the water and kick back. The Ipe Bridge is also tall enough to give clearance underneath to allow swimmers to circle the pools island completely.

Ipe contrasts the stonework around the pool very well and fits right in with the tropical feel of the entire area.

Outside of the pool cage we have an Ipe Walkway that wraps from the side of the house to the back near the boat dock. This gives the outside a nice contrast while also providing a clean straightforward walkway to the dock area.

Ipe is a great material to use near pools. Pool chemicals like chlorine won’t effect the durability or look of the wood over time and Ipe will hold up incredibly well against the erratic Florida summer rain, splashing from pool water, and general foot traffic.

If you are interested in adding Ipe to your home, feel free to contact us. We have sales staff waiting to help you with any questions you might have, and they’ll be happy to set you up with a free quote!

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