Mature Ipe Deck Excels in Florida Climate – Video

June 4, 2014 10:02 am
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Ipe Deck is 14 Years Old and Still Looks Great

You hear all the time about how long lasting ipe is. Watch this video and see for yourself how ipe has lasted in the hot Florida climate for over 10 years.

Marty built this deck out of ipe in 1999 and he’s been thrilled with how well it’s maintained its stability.

My decks are made of ipe wood, that’s a wood from South America. It was installed; almost all of it was installed in 1999. This ipe has been down for 14 years in the Florida sun and weather and rain and winters and summers and so forth. I’ve has absolutely zero wear, rot, splitting, nothing. Every board is exactly as it was when it was laid. It’s a beautiful hardwood, it takes oil quite well and I’m really proud of the house, it just made the house perk up.

I’m really very satisfied. After 14 years I have not had to replace a single board. I do oil it every year, pressure spray it and oil it, but other than that, it hasn’t required any maintenance. It’s a beautiful wood since the year I put it in.

I’ve been totally satisfied. The initial cost is a little higher than some other products, but once it’s done, it’s done. It’s saved me thousands of dollars and many, many, many house of aggravation.

When we have parties, we’ll have friends and neighbors over, and as we end up filling the house and filling the decks, they’re all quite amazed at how beautiful it is, particularly when I tell them how long it’s been down.

There are also no staining problems. Anything that gets dropped on it hoses right off. It’s a very impermeable surface. IT’s a very hard wood.

It’s been an absolute pleasure. It’s been trouble free. It’s very attractive. It’s a nice natural looking product. It’s very good.