Pregrooved Ipe Decking Video – Naples, Fl

May 21, 2014 11:11 am
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Pregrooved Ipe Decking Gives Family a Safe Pool Deck

Damian Gonzalez owns his own carpentry business in Naples, Fl. When it came time to build a new pool deck for his family, there was no doubt in his mind that pregrooved Advantage Ipe was the perfect product.

Damian was conflicted. He wanted a product that needed little maintenance, but still looked beautiful.

“We wanted a product that wouldn’t crack, would have sand residue, just basically not slipper, because concrete, you see it crack. The pavers, the sand is always coming out of it. The tiles are slippery; you can’t find a rough tile that’s going to look nice.”

Being in Florida, he needed a product that was going to outlast other materials, and still look beautiful in his newly renovated backyard.

“It’s been an industry standard that the ipe is going to outlast every product out there. I’ve done research, and it’s going to last longer than I am.”

This deck is 1500 square feet and was built using the pregrooved ipe decking in 1×6 and then he used 2×8 standard ipe decking for the cantilever around the pool edge. Even when his friends and family come over to his home, they’re extremely impressed by his new deck.

“You can’t compare it to anything. Anybody I’ve had looking at this deck is like ‘Wow! What is this? We’ve never seen this!’”

Even the shipping process of the pregrooved ipe decking was too easy!

“I chose Advantage Ipe decking because of how easy it was to order, and the pricing is great compared to my local supplier here. The shipping is no problem. They’ll ship it right to where your jobsite is.”

He continues about his experience with and how the pregrooved ipe decking looks, “Working with my salesman ad was a great experience. I would definitely use them in the future for any of my purchases. I think it’s really beautiful, the way it turned out. My wife is really happy which that’s number one. This is the best decision we could have made.”
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