Tapered Massaranduba Plugs Video

May 27, 2014 9:34 am
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Tapered Massaranduba Plugs and Massaranduba Decking Were Made for Each Other

Hello! My name is Becky with AdvantageLumber.com, and these are Tapered Massaranduba Plugs.

Massaranduba decking is gorgeous. There is no reason why screw heads should break up the appearance of your brand new hardwood deck. Is there a solution for fixing the visible screws on your deck? Of course there is! AdvanatgeLumber.com has tapered massaranduba plugs to cover up your fasteners.

Available in the rich tones of our luxurious Massaranduba hardwood, these plugs are milled to cover holes left by screws.

Since the tapered massaranduba plugs are made from the same massaranduba as our decking, you know they will blend with your decking.

These hardwood plugs have a length and diameter of 3/8” and a taper of 1 degree for easy installation. The taper allows the plug to be inserted into the countersunk hole easily, which means less work for you!

Installing Tapered Massaranduba Plugs

  1. Predrill a countersunk hole.
  2. Insert a stainless steel screw
  3. Place a wood glue into the hole
  4. Then insert plug
  5. Make sure plug is secure in the hole
  6. Chisel the top of the plug off
  7. Sand down plug to give yourself a smooth surface, we recommend 80 grit sandpaper.

Knowing you don’t have to worry about screws popping up out of your new deck will give you a safer surface and peace of mind. Since these are genuine hardwood plugs, you know you’ll receive the same qualities as our massaranduba decking.

Not only are these plugs great for decking, but they’re perfect for planter boxes, railings, or any project you create out of massaranduba decking.

When you’re finished, you won’t even be able to tell that you use stainless steel screws to top down fasten your decking. No popped screws, no splinters, no worries at all. Just enjoy your gorgeous Brazilian hardwood deck.

tapered massaranduba plugs