A Striking Backyard Tigerwood Decking Renovation Video

May 20, 2014 2:44 pm
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Tigerwood Decking Creates an Exotic Backyard Retreat

In this video, you’ll meet Tom and Janet, a couple who had found their dream home; the only problem was the deck was completely deteriorated.

Janet says, “Our Realtor showed us the house, we loved the house, but she warned us not to walk out on the back deck. The back deck was horrible, she warned us to take caution where was walked.”

The home that they fell in love with had a deck that was difficult to look past. Boards were completely rotted and were dangerous to even walk on. It was something they knew they had to replace. Tom immediately started searching for decking options.

“So I started surfing the internet and came up with Advantage Lumber. It turned out that Tigerwood fit us better in regards to the grain of the wood, and the colors, and so forth, would more match the cosmetics of the house that we have,” Tom says.

It was difficult for them to make a final selection from looking at photos online, but Advantage Lumber sent them samples of the wood so they could get a hands on look at what the tigerwood decking looked like. It helped them make their decision that Tigerwood was the perfect choice for their home.

They couldn’t salvage anything from the old deck. They tore it up, all the way down to the dirt, and immediately began the construction of with their new Tigerwood decking, from scratch.

Janet absolutely fell in love with the appearance of the Tigerwood decking. “I selected the Tigerwood strictly for the aesthetics. It was gorgeous. I loved it.”

Since completion, the new Tigerwood deck has become a conversation piece for guests when they visit their home. It complements the home and the pool beautifully. With all of the trees and bushes around the home, it really looks like an exotic retreat.

Tom and Janet are completely satisfied with their new Tigerwood deck and even their buying experience.

“The Tigerwood turned out even better than I had anticipated. We’re go glad we found Advantage Lumber. It’s wonderful.”
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