Tigerwood Shiplap Siding Video

June 4, 2014 10:45 am
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What Sets Tigerwood Shiplap Siding Apart from the Rest?

My name is Erin with AdvantageLumber.com and this is Tigerwood Shiplap Siding!

Already famous for the beautiful decks it creates; Advantage Tigerwood also looks as a siding option for both residential and commercial applications. This hardwood siding has a unique reddish brown color with dark black and brown streaking, giving it its exotic look.

Advantage Tigerwood Shiplap Siding is proven to have reliable performance. It has a lifespan of well over thirty years, and that’s with no chemical treatments. You have an option of letting your Tigerwood Shiplap Siding maturing to a smooth silver patina, or with annual applications of ipe oil, you can maintain its exotic streaks and bold orange hues.

When compared to softer wood siding options, Advantage Tigerwood Shiplap Siding surpasses them all. This hardwood has excellent wood rot and termite resistance. It’s extremely difficult for anything to hard the structural integrity of the boards.

When it comes to long-term performance, durability, and striking beauty, there is no substituting a genuine material like our Tigerwood Shiplap Siding. It is 100% natural and ultra-low maintenance, unlike plastic siding options that are manufactured with harmful chemicals, and that need constant upkeep.

Advantage Tigerwood Shiplap Siding is available in all dimensions, so finding the right size for your project is as easy as can be.

Tigerwood Shiplap Siding sizes include:

  • 1×4
  • 1×4 +PLUS
  • 1×6
  • 1×6 +PLUS
  • 5/4×4
  • 5/4×6

Boards are available in lengths from 3’ to 20’.

No matter your need for your Tigerwood Shiplap Siding project, we have you covered. We sell stainless steel screws and Tigerwood Plugs to complete your look.

Our hardwood siding comes from well managed forests, so you can find peace of mind knowing you have purchased a real wood material that came from sustainable sources.

We will also ship Tigerwood Shiplap Siding directly to your home or job site.
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