Tongue and Groove Cumaru Video – Atlanta

May 21, 2014 10:39 am
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Tongue and Groove Cumaru is Impressive in Atlanta Home

Wayne Hitt is a contractor that has been in business for over 25 years in the Atlanta area. He specializes in high end residential construction. In this video you’ll see why he chose tongue and groove Cumaru for this project and even for his own home.

The screened in porch is tongue and groove Cumaru. Living in the south, they are able to use their deck three quarters of the year. This means they need a product that can last.

“The screened in porch was existing. We changed the flooring to tongue and groove Cumaru that we bought from Advantage Lumber. They’re able to sit out on the porch and watch the Braves game, here in Atlanta, or the Georgia game when it comes on in the fall.”

Wayne was so impressed with the tongue and groove cumaru he received, he purchased some for his personal outdoor space.

“I did my own personal deck with cumaru I got from Advantage Lumber. I’m very happy with the product. It just speaks for itself.”

It says a lot when a contractor trusts the material for his own home that he offers his clients.

He continues, “I’m able to offer my clients something other than the run of the mill composite materials and, or pressure treated pine materials. It’s timeless. It’ll be here for a very long time.” makes is extremely easy to order material.

“The process of buying material from Advantage Lumber was very, very easy. They have a great website that I was able to navigate very easily. I’ve been able to work with the same salesman on two other projects. He understands what I want, he understands how things go together, and we were able to get what I needed.”

Wayne has already worked with on several other projects, so it seems as if it would be no surprise that he’d want to work with the same company again.

“I will definitely use them in the future. We’ve not had any issues whatsoever with the quality of the product, which is first and foremost, and the customer service has, in fact, been everything we could ask for.”
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