Weathered Ipe in Pacific Palisades – Video

May 21, 2014 1:19 pm
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Weathered Ipe is Streamlined in this Pacific Palisades Home

In this video you’ll see why this homeowner decided to let their ipe deck weather. It turns out that weathered ipe can be completely restored if you change your mind after you let it gray out.

Mark Matkins is a contractor with Gunderson-Matkins LLC in Pacific Palisades, Ca. His company has worked with on several projects and continues to return because he is satisfied with the quality of materials we provide him and his clients.

“The reason we use them is because we’ve done a few different jobs with them and we’ve always had high quality materials.”

There are many reasons why Mark likes ipe decking and continues to use it in as many projects as he can.

“We use ipe in a lot of our projects. It’s a striking wood. We use it quite a bit because it’s so versatile. It’s also very low maintenance, so there’s not much that has to be done with it. You can choose to stain it, or finish it however you want.”

Weathered ipe will give you a gorgeous silver color.

He continues, “Some clients ten to not want any finish. We actually let this deck patina. The client wanted to have that silver color. IT blends in a little bit with the background and the canyon. If it does patina and you don’t like it, you can always bring the color back.”

This home has several decks of weathered ipe, including a Zen garden.

“To create the Zen garden we used a lot of ipe as well. It’s such a popping wood. We tried to contrast if against the concrete and the green of the garden.”

Just because the ipe weathers, it doesn’t mean that the structural integrity of the boards are threatened.

“It’s very durable. You don’t have to do much to it. There are many different applications and colors that you can have from one wood. There are a lot of other woods that will patina, but they won’t last as long. The ipe will actually last our lifetime and more.”

Weathered ipe looks great and will last just as long as finished ipe. Mark is extremely happy with the products that have been supplied to him.

“I’ve had a wonderful relationship with them. We’ll be partners for a long time.”
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