What is Massaranduba Decking?

June 5, 2014 9:12 am
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Massaranduba vs. Redwood Decking

Welcome to AdvantageLumber.com, your best source for premium hardwood decking.

Are you looking for a stunning new material for your new deck? One of the options we offer is Advantage Massaranduba. This Brazilian Redwood surpasses redwood in any applications and is a great choice for your project.

Attractive and Versatile

The color difference between massaranduba and traditional redwood is striking. This Brazilian redwood creates stunning decks that have a lush red to reddish brown appearance, and unlike redwood, Brazilian redwood does not require frequent sanding and staining.

Hardness and Durability

Massaranduba outperforms in both hardness and durability. It is over two times stronger than California Redwood and over seven times harder. This natural strength adds to its overall lifespan of well over 25 years.

Massaranduba has excellent mold and decay resistance. Decks made out of Brazilian last longer than redwood decks, regardless of the climate. With such a dense material a massaranduba deck will also have greater termite resistance.

Build a Safer Deck

Our massaranduba has advantages that other hardwood profiles just don’t have. You can choose between an anti-slip surface, which is perfect for stair treats, or you can opt out for the flat face which offers you a more traditional look.

When you combine attractive features, and long term performance, this decking will provide you with a wonderful retreat as well as a greater return in investment.

We pride ourselves in our sustainable forestry practices. With our Advantage Massaranduba you rest assured that you’ve chosen a sustainable resource that originated from well managed forests.

Our massaranduba is available in 5/4 x 6 dimensions and in all profiles. You can even order beautiful smooth 24×24 decking tiles.

When you build a deck out of massaranduba, you can then sit back and relax and enjoy your beautiful deck knowing you chose a low maintenance material.